My Life

Hi, I'm Alissa. I'm 16 years old and well, I'm still growing up. I guess you could say that's one of my biggest fears, along with rejection, heartbreak, failure, and bugs. I absolutely hate bugs, almost more then I hate liars and cheaters. I feel like cheating your way through life ruins the fun of not knowing what's to come in the future. I have an obsession with trying to figure out my future. So I guess you can say I over-plan or over-think. I also have a big obsession with phone cases. You might be asking yourself why I'm so random. I tend to ramble on about my thoughts at any time, even if they're irrelevant. And ironically this was really hard to write.

Now I guess I should tell you the important things about me. I was born on May 20th, 1996 and I'm in love with spring. I've been singing since 4th grade, but I never took it seriously until one day I picked up the guitar and realized I needed to learn how to play. It took me two whole days to learn basic chords to a song, and a whole year to learn how to actually strum a guitar. I live in southern New Jersey's coastal pines with my mom, my little sister, and my dad. I plan on changing that eventually. I really want to go to college in Nashville, but I have a year or so until I have to think about it so right now I'd rather be at home writing songs, spending time with my family, or taking bike rides with my best friends. Those are my favorite things to do.

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